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Absolute Value

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Absolute value shows How far a number is from zero.

Example6” is 6 units away from zero, and “-6” is also 6 away from zero.

So, the absolute value of 6 is 6, and the absolute value of -6 is also 6.

The symbol “|” is placed either side to mean “Absolute Value“, so we can write: |-6| = 6



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Abscissa is the “x“ value in a pair of coordinates. It’s always written first in an ordered pair of coordinates such as (12,5).In the example above, the value “12” is the abscissa. (The second value “5“ is called the Ordinate)


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An abacus has beads that slide on rods. It can be used to count, add, subtract, multiply and more. Read the rest of this entry »