Grade9: Math 2nd Term Exam Material

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Always create a plan before you start studying for the math exam.. Don’t just read over it like you would for a history class, because you can actually do math, but you can seldom do history. Working problems out will help burn them into your mind, and remember: if you can’t solve the problem before the exam, you won’t be able to solve it on the exam either. It is important to do questions because this is essentially how you are going to be tested. With questions.

Click on the following links to start revising for the exam!

ppt 5.7 The Pythagorean Theorem (191kb, Powerpoint document)
ppt 5.8 special right triangles (258kb, Powerpoint document)
ppt 5.2 solving system of-equations by substitution (107kb, Powerpoint document)
ppt 5.3 solving system of equations by Elimination (103kb, Powerpoint document)
ppt 6.1 attributes of polygons (1260kb, Powerpoint document)



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